Welcome to Struik Foods Europe, an independent Dutch company which has been putting its heart and soul into producing delicious soups, sauces and ready meals since 1950.


At the heart of the Dutch 'Food Valley', Struik Foods Europe has been creating the best products for the European market since day one. We cook for our customers, taking the world we live in into account. We think that the most important things are good, honest ingredients, Food safety and sustainability.


We are proud of the quality and reputation of our company. Struik is constantly looking for new ways to make its dishes healthier and even more tasty. Make sure you visit our website on a regular basis, as there are always interesting developments. Not to mention tasty bits of news!


The Struik kitchen, managed by our Head Chef, cooks with passion and skill. We never rest on our laurels. Instead, we are always developing new ideas. Not without good reason are we known as ‘One of the greatest kitchens in the world’.

For us, food safety and quality are just as important as the delicious taste of our products.

In order to guarantee these aspects, we can call upon more than sixty years of experience and knowledge. In the process, Struik works intensively with various research institutes and universities, including Wageningen University & Research Centre (WUR).

One of the greatest kitchens in the world


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